Episode 5 – Jenny Waldo, Hometown Hero Filmmaker

Back after a summer-long hiatus, we welcomed Houston-based filmmaker Jenny Waldo to The Gallery. She sat down to chat with us about the debut of her newest short film ACID TEST, the far out experience that led to the creation of the script, the diversity she strives to incorporate into her work, and her efforts to make waves at film festivals around the country.

“ACID TEST is based on [Jenny’s] own experience at 15. An absurd story set during a painful personal time, the heart of ACID TEST lies in the intimate moments found amidst the chaos of hallucination. A parent’s unconditional love. A question of why we love the people we do. A teenager figuring out who she is and who she wants to be. The story walks a fine balance between the absurdity of things that happen in life along with the pain of growing up in an entertaining, emotional, and authentic ride.” – Seed & Spark

To be a part of the Hometown Heroes Rally that Jenny is doing to adapt ACID TEST into a full-length feature film, visit https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/acid-test-feature#story


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  1. Jason Raschen says: Reply

    Welcome back! Another great episode! I hear that ACID TEST is soooo well Produced!

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